About Coastal Sand Soil and Mulch Pty Ltd: Hervey Bay Landscaping Supplies

Established in 2013, Coastal Sand Soil and Mulch Pty Ltd is a landscaping supplies company, providing premium-grade sand, mulch, soil and rocks to local Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we carefully listen to your needs to provide you with the best product for your application.

Our sand, mulch and soil is mixed on-site out of recycled materials whenever possible, and we can source any rock, gravel or other quarry product you desire. We offer a flat rate on delivery of your supplies to your home or work site, with pick up also available. Please give us a call or visit us for landscaping supplies for your next big project.

Premium Quality Landscaping Supplies:

Our soil, mulch and sand are regularly tested using a renowned laboratory to make sure they are consistent, meet Australian standards and provide your plants with the optimum levels of nutrients for their healthy survival. This ensures that our customers can trust in our brand and our products because they know that we only provide high-quality scientifically-tested and precise mixes.

We understand what keeps a plant happy, and if you have a plant that needs special attention, we can make a special mix to your specifications, be it more Nitrogen or a less acidic soil. Whatever you require, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit us in person, we’ll listen to your needs and provide a solution to suit you.

Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices:

We are committed to maintaining a sustainable business, and we try to recycle as much material as possible. For example, many of the ingredients used in our soil and mulch products come from green waste recycled through our waste management and skip bin business partners, Coastal Skip Bins Hire. There’s more to recycling than just the fuzzy feeling you get from doing it; costs are significantly reduced for our customers when we use recycled materials, so you’re saving money when you help save the world.

Order Landscaping Supplies

Get in touch to place an order for any of our high-quality and sustainable landscaping supplies. Call 0437 447 069.