Hervey Bay Mulch Supply and Delivery

Coastal Sand Soil and Mulch Pty Ltd supply Hervey Bay, the Fraser Coast and surrounding areas with premium-grade composts and mulch. We develop and mix all our mulch products in-house so that we know exactly what goes into it, ensuring that your plants and garden are kept as healthy as possible. We use environmentally-friendly green waste products, supplied from our partner company Coastal Skip Bin Hire to create all our mulch and compost products.

We offer both pick-up and delivery options for all our products and our delivery service covers all of Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast and surrounding areas. You are also welcome to visit our landscaping supplies yard to select and collect the mulch yourself.

For more information or to place your order, please contact the team at Coastal Sand Soil and Mulch Pty Ltd on 0437 447 069.

What Type of Mulch is Best for Me?

A good mulch should reduce water loss, keep weeds out and balance temperature across your plants, all while providing your plants with the nutrition they need to stay healthy. We realise that our customers’ needs are diverse, so we provide a vast range of mulches to suit your needs, be it for a well-groomed courtyard, or a lush jungle.

The type of mulch you choose is greatly dependant on the type of plant life you have in your garden, as well as your maintenance and aesthetic preferences. For example, you could use river rocks as mulch if you don’t want to worry about weeds or maintaining the mulch, but they won’t provide any extra nutrition as they don’t decompose; that’s why we recommend rocks for plants that are low maintenance but still require balanced temperatures.

If your plants require extra nutrition, we recommend using one of our high-quality compost mixes, comprised of plant matter that’s been grounded down and scientifically tested to keep your garden healthy. For the best of both worlds, we recommend a wood-based mulch (forest, hardwood or pine bark), as it lasts for a few years, has a natural look, but also decomposes, providing nutrients to your plants.

Some of the mulches we carry include:

  • Green Waste Mulch
  • Forest Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Saw Dust
  • Hardwood Mulch

If you’re unsure of what mulch is best suited to your garden, give us a call to talk about your needs and we’ll find the right product for you! We also encourage you to visit our landscaping supplies yard to see the kinds of mulches we have available.

Hervey Bay Mulch Delivery

Give us a call to place an order for any of our mulch products, delivered to your door anywhere in Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast or surrounds. Call 0437 447 069.