Organic Soil Delivery in Hervey Bay and Surrounds

Coastal Sand Soil and Mulch Pty Ltd provides soil delivery services in Hervey Bay, the Fraser Coast and surrounding areas. We provide rich soil from our specialised plant, developed in-house using quality ingredients to keep your plants consistently healthy. We hate seeing good materials go to waste, so all our soils, mulches and sands are mixed on-site from environmentally friendly, organic materials to keep your costs down. Some of the soil options we deliver include:

We can also create or source any other garden or quarry material you desire, just get in touch with us on 0437 447 069 and tell us what you need. All our soil is scientifically tested to make sure the ingredients we’re using will maximise plant growth and retain water. For all garden projects, big or small, please give us a call or visit our landscaping supplies yard to get a feel for the soil yourself!

Organic Garden Soil:

Your plants will love our organic garden soil, made from sustainable ingredients to boost plant growth. We keep nasty chemicals and unnecessary additives out of our soil to ensure that your garden stays healthy and natural. If you’re growing a plant that requires a special formula, we’ll listen to your needs and custom-make a soil that contains the right amounts of ingredients to maximise plant growth. Whether your roses need more nitrogen, or maybe you’d prefer a less acidic soil, let us know and we’ll have a soil made just for you.

Top-Dressing Soil:

Top-dressing your lawn is necessary when your lawn doesn’t have enough soil underneath, or you want to fill in those little uneven dips and dives that are bothering you. It also brings benefits such as allowing for more drainage and pest resistance, as well as providing more nutrients, thus keeping it healthy. Our top-dressing soils are made with high quality ingredients and scientifically formulated and tested to keep your soil healthier and encourage growth.

Turf Underlay:

Turf underlay is a special mix of organic materials that we’ve blended together to help your soil firmly develop its roots. We use a precise formula for maximised lawn health, and we regularly test all of our soil to ensure it keeps your grass healthy and luscious. For new turf, we recommend using somewhere between 100 and 200mm of turf underlay to keep your lawn healthy.

Hervey Bay Soil Delivery

Get in touch to organise a delivery of soil anywhere in Hervey Bay, the Fraser Coast or surrounding areas. Call 0437 447 069.